02 zzz


Mars Martin loves a girl called Mia, but she only exists in his dreams. This is why he tries to sleep every second of his life with the help of drugs. One day he gets something new, a Pill called zzZ.

Duration: 25 min    Release: 2015


Director: Marwin Lafogler
Script: Marwin Lafogler
Script help: Johannes Bauer
DOP: Lukas Wanderer
Production: LA Pictures
Motion Design: Natalie Bitutski
Continuity: Jonas Schubert
Best Boy: Gregor Ghierl
Music: Maxi Schmidt
Make up: Daniel Riedl
Illustration: Elisabeth Hanke

Mars: Johannes Bauer
Mia: Sunna Hettinger
Dealer: Vincenzo Legitimacy
Bad Guy: Manuel Frederick
Psychologist: Verena Buratti